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  • Credits allow you to generate a new AHC. Once a Certificate Reference Number has been allocated to a form a credit will be deducted. Credits are shared by all team members, but only Admin users can buy more. Credits are cheaper to buy in bulk.


  • That’s you! A User could be a Vet or any other support staff at a practice who fill out AHCs..


  • This is a user role. Admin users can add and remove team members, control the role of other team members, and buy credits, as well as creating AHCs


  • This is a user role. Editor users can create AHCs but can not change team members or buy credits.


  • A Team is a collection of people who work together to complete AHCs. A Team may consist of only 1 person, yourself, or may contain multiple vets and support staff at a practice. A Team has one or more Branches.


  • A Branch has a name, address, and a number of associated Vets and Clients. A Team can have multiple Branches.


  • This is the Official Veterinarian who will be stamping and signing the AHC. A Vet is associated with a Branch, and is not with a particular user account.


  • A client of the veterinary practice and/or the owner of the pets who will be travelling.


  • The pet(s) who will be travelling. Only Cats, Dogs and Ferrets can travel on an AHC, and only up to 5 pets can travel on a single AHC. More than 5 pets can travel for competitions, but we currently don’t support this option - let us know if you would like this feature added at [email protected]


  • This is your default page on logging in. It will show the Branches associated with the Team you currently have selected at the top of the page..

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